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Leaders in Microbiology, Laboratory Chemicals & Consumables


Kansma is a purely Zambian owned Company based in Lusaka. The company has a wide experience in the company's field of expertise. It boasts a team of able staff and associate consultants who are professionals and expertise in their own right.

Kansma investment limited was incorporated in the year 2000, since 2000 the company has undertaken a number of assignments involving supply and delivery of Medical Equipment Medical Consumables, and other related supplies. Besides, the company has also been involved in Medical Laboratory Equipment Installation, and repair.

At Kansma Investment Limited we believe in service with excellence, because our goal in as far as our dealership with our clients is concerned: is to serve you and provide for your business needs with the strictest sense of excellence attached to our service delivery.

For us providing for your business needs in the most excellent way is a non negotiable instrument.

Mission Statement

To be an excellent provider of Medical and Scientific Equipment, Research and laboratory aids

Vision Statement

To become a market leader in the providing of Medical and Scientific solutions.

Our Capabilities

In conjunction with our associate partners, Kansma Investments Limited hopes to assist its clients in achieving their objective.
Our capability and or competence is to provide support which is most required by our clients' needs is based on the long experience and professionalism that we and our associate consultants posses.
Not only are we able to offer our experience for your benefit and trust, we are also able to provide a wide range of services particularly in the area of medical and scientific solutions.


  • Himedia Laboratories PVT
  • Science Labware Uk
  • CAPP

Speacial Areas Of Expertise

We are well able to supply the listed items to any location
  • Medical equipment and consumables
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory Chemicals consumables
  • Glass ware
  • Scientific supplies

Medical and Laboratory Equipment support

Through the hands of our experienced technical team, we install, train medial personal on the workings of different medical equipments, further more we repair medial laboratory and scientific related machinery/equipment.
Procurement of Medical Equipment, Medical Consumables and Laboratory Equipment and related supplies
Through the many contacts and associate consultants the company has, we are cable of ensuring procurement of medical equipment, medical consumables and laboratory equipment/aids and related supplies with all manner of excellence.
The company is well versed in local and international procurement procedures in buying and understands the way procurement of your various medical and scientific needs can be done to benefit you.